Police rebury remains of man who was exhumed & eaten

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POLICE have reburied the remains of a Nyimba man which were allegedly exhumed, roasted and eaten by a 30-year-old ex-convict.
Njanji Lungu was arrested at the graveyard in Nyimba after police found him eating human flesh which he had exhumed.
Eastern Province commissioner of police Eugene Sibote in an interview in Chipata yesterday, said the remains belonging to Moses Phiri, who died two years ago, were buried on Tuesday after the suspect was arrested.


On finding human flesh on the body of someone who died two years ago, Mr Sibote said it was possible because buried bodies tend to dry before decomposing.
“A corpse normally dries up then decomposes, and it takes years. Police found Lungu roasting the hand which had some flesh on it,” he said.
He said the suspect was nearly lynched by members of the public when word went round that he was found eating “human flesh” at the graveyard.


However, Lungu was rescued by police officers who also arrested him for trespassing on the graveyard. This happened on Tuesday between 14:00 hours and 15:00 hours. Mr Sibote said Lungu was found with a human skull while eating roasted human flesh. When asked, the suspect told police that he exhumed the body and roasted it because he was hungry. Mr Sibote said police rushed to the cemetery after a tip-off from members of the neighbourhood watch committee.
Mr Sibote said Lungu is an ex-convict who once served an 18-month jail term for an unknown offence.