Mugabe unmoved by Obama’s visit says “it’s a visit by any other visitor”

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe

AFRICAN Union (AU) and Sadc chairman President Robert Mugabe will not be among several African leaders scheduled to meet visiting United States President Barack Obama at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,on Tuesday, his spokesperson George Charamba has said.

Charamba said Mugabe was unmoved by Obama’s visit to the AU headquarters, describing the event as just “a visit by any other visitor”.

“The chairman does not run the AU centre. Obama has come to Ethiopia for an official visit and to address the staff there.

There are many dignitaries who come to the AU headquarters and you can imagine if all come wanting the President’s input,” Charamba said.

“It’s the Head of State of another country. If you are afraid of him, we are not because he is just a Head of State who visits Africa and the AU headquarters by virtue of his ancestry. Madam (Nkosazana) Dhlamini-Zuma (AU Commission chairperson) is big enough to receive him.”

Charamba said when it was said Obama would address the 54-member bloc, Zimbabwe did not represent his audience.

Obama will today address the AU bloc on several issues affecting Africa.

“AU is not an organ run by Zimbabwe. It does not belong to Zimbabwe. If you want to know who is attending, call the AU offices,” he said.

He said Mugabe and other AU leaders would only receive the report of his visit in January at the AU summit.

“There will be a report on the summit in January where we will get a briefing on the visitor who is called Barack Obama ‘who we received and went back home happy’. . . He did not come to visit Mugabe. He went to Ethiopia and asked to visit the HQ. I did not see you writing that Mugabe snubs Obama when he went for the Ebola summit (in New York),” Charamba said.

Political analyst Charles Mangongera said the strained relations between Harare and Washington could have influenced the absence of Mugabe as AU chairman to meet Obama in Ethiopia.

“Obviously the nature of the diplomatic relations between Harare and Washington is such that Obama has carefully avoided Mugabe. If relations between the two were cordial, he could have conferred with the AU chairman but remember, they have a position on Zimbabwe that could have influenced his behaviour,” Mangongera said.



  1. Mugabe the son of Africa, the problem is people want africans to think the way they think where they come from, Sorry us Africans we have our own ways and i bet we can solve problems best on our own. Look at Iraq and Libya its all chaotic and bloody cause America thought they could solve the problems in these countries. Soverignity should reign and countries allowed to solve problems in there ways and its in those ways that the intl community should assist. Now comming to gayism which is one twisted thing africans dont even have time to debate on. Like Kenyan President said diplomatically that is to say its a thing that is not for africa and we dont have such twisted rights here. VIVA AFRICA VIVA THE SONS OF AFRICAS DESTINY

  2. Even if mugabe is a dictator,he’s better than obama coz he does not allow homosexuality.

  3. Even if mugabe is a dictator,he’s better than obama coz he does not allow homosexuality.

  4. People stop praising Mugabe,he’s worst cant be in office for life as if you are a king

  5. Tjo we must learn to let some things go.
    Bitterness is such an ugly trait.
    Give credit where it’s due Barak Obama is the first African-American President so saying he’s just like any other visitor is an understatement.
    He is an inspiration to some of us. He had some good talks with the Kenyan President thought it involved homosexuality Uhuru kenyetta stood his ground and also brought out some issues that we as Africans are facing such as greedy leaders (mugabe) holding on to power and is also starting up entrepreneurship programmes in 10 countries including Zambia.
    So h’s not any other visitor because he’s doing alot more than what any other visitor would do.
    Alot more than what we Africans are not even doing for ourselves.

  6. yes,I have never supported uncle bob before,but I think he got this one right…….some pipo worship Obama …..let him go back with his pro gay nonsense….

  7. Who wants to be schooled by a gay activist ? After brushing shoulders with him, some presidents would start preaching gay gospel to their nationals !!