“I realized it was not my hubby after the man finished raping me”

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

POLICE in Isoka District of Muchinga Province have arrested man of Nakatendo village for allegedly raping a 27 year old married woman after he pretended to be her husband.


The 20 year old Chileshe Chanda Bwalya an ex- convict who was sentenced and jailed for attempted murder was arrested over the weekend.

Police Commissioner for Muchinga, Auxensio Daka who confirmed the development to ZANIS today said the incident occurred on Saturday 25th July, 2015 around midnight.



Mr. Daka explained that the suspect pretended to be the husband to the named woman whose identity has been withheld.

He said Bwalya unemployed entered the dark house and went straight to bedroom where he allegedly had carnal knowledge with another man’s wife adding that by the time the woman realised it was not her husband, it was too late as the rapist had already finished his business and was preparing to leave.
As he was preparing to leave the woman realised that he was not her husband as her husband was still out.

The Regional Commissioner said Bwalya is currently in police custody waiting to appear in court soon.

The suspect is an ex- convict from Katombora where he served his sentence after attempting to kill his young sister.



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  2. They know each other, she was jst scared maybe people saw them when they were together

  3. Some stories awe kwena,so they don’t talk to each other,there is even no hello,she is faking her story she should also be arrested,so she didn’t close the door and how did the rapist know where the bed was?awe efyo achingisha kwena achingisha fye bwino bwino naine,NDELOLESHAFYE!