Dandy Crazy must be banned from driving


“I think this man must to be banned from driving,” says Muloongo Chimunya one of Dandy Crazy’s fans.


His remarks come days after Dandy Crazy was involved in another accident which nearly took his life.


Bwalya Kondwani Matanga also said, “that guy needs to go back for drivers lessons or he really needs to stop driving”.



“In this world there are people who can’t drive and dandy is one of them,you can’t have so many accidents within short period of time,look for a driver ba dandy. These accidents will leave you broke,I hope you have insurance,” Brian Kabwe said.

Kondwani Steve Nyirenda :Why is this man always in car accidents?First it was in Livingstone when he bought his first car on his way from South Africa ,he crashed together with his wife. Again this time! Is he truly a Satanists or a freemason?or maybe he sold his years nd the illuminati wants him?


Kris Mutinta Kaswaya said Dandy Crazy was a rough driver.

“This guy is a rough driver , does he have immunity that RTSA haven’t suspended his licence…. Azafa muguys, olo niganja its too much…”