Some Lusaka youths to stage a two day hunger strike at parliament

Niza Phiri (Aspiring MP, Munali constituency) - Photo Credit- Niza Phiri

Niza Phiri alias “watu watu” and some Lusaka youths to stage a two day hunger strike at parliament building entrance over MPs salary Hike proposals. This saturday, 25th july 2015, some lusaka youths have vowed to starve themselves whilst sitting outside parliament building to make Parliamentarians realise how immoral and selfish it is for the legislators to increase their own salaries when government is running bankrupt with all the projects around.

Speaking to unza radio journalists while checking on a woodworking shop, Mr Phiri has set up to empower some youths,Niza Phiri, the 24 year old Munali constituency aspiring candidate said ” it is shocking that someone can even begin to consider increasing their own salaries in this economy when a wage freeze was imposed on the rest of us.


It is evident that government is broke, how inconsiderate can one be? And these are the people we entrust this country with? Its very selfish , a 3rd salary hike in as many years is unreasonable.

in Europe, like Greece a few months ago, when the going gets tough , legislators propose to take cuts, but here we have people who want to fatten their own pockets at the worst of times.

It isn’t economically sound, they sit and get ridiculous unjustifiable allowances for doing their jobs, but that’s not enough, they want to increase their pays?

Basic human decency and a conscious should surely prevail in deter such thoughts, that’s why I am very willing to starve myself and spend a night in the bitter cold to show these people who have become blind to the suffering around Zambia that this is the reality of the common Zambian man.

There should be a different independent body that ascertains how much MPs should get.

You can not determine how much you get, its like being your own judge in a murder case, its simply not right. If the MPs have morals they will reverse this decision and even propose further cuts of which savings can be channeled to poverty alleviating projects in the country.”, at the same gathering, Zambia Volunteers Network Media officer , Scrivener Wabeyi, said his organisation had decided to join the protests because it was in the best interest of each and every Zambian ” I urge the police to grant Niza and his youth a permit, because even the police service themselves have laughable conditions of service and it is an insult to their dignity if you have Members of parliament increasing their salaries in this manner.”

The group of at least 20 youths seem to be very determined to go ahead with their protest. One of the youths spoken to, Maambo Kandyata said it was time people said enough is enough.

Politicians have taken advantage of the passive nature of Zambian citizens for far too long. Even rabits bite if pushed in the corner, Kandyata added.

Niza Phiri