8 Zimbabweans Killed in Zambia bus accident


A horrific accident involving a Harare bus, King Lion on Saturday saw at least 8 people killed on the spot and several other passengers sustain life threatening injuries.

The accident confirmed to have been caused by a tyre burst occurred on the Zambian side as the coach was travelling from Lusaka to Harare, ZimEye.com can reveal.


The deceased eight were not named at the time of writing.

A spokeswoman for King Lion told ZimEye.com the bus did not hit or collide against anything and the accident was entirely caused by a front tyre puncture.

“The front tyre abruptly burst resulting in the disaster”, the woman who did not provide her name said.


Of the injured she said she did not have information on where they are currently hospitalised and asked relatives to telephone Zim number (roaming) 772 635 472 for further information.

“They have been in hospital since yesterday but now I don’t have the name of the hospital,” she said.