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To the Excellency Ambassador Mulonda and your esteemed staff

I wanted to give additional information and make my appeal to you again.


I think you did read from Facebook how SOZA is now attacking you and your embassy.I don’t want to add to you more drama for you but do you remember what I said in my first message to you before? I said “ICHI KUPEMPULA ECHI KULYA,” and that has happened within two months of prediction.


I don’t know what you people there did to SOZA, but the embassy made SOZA and you appointed Patricia Litiiya and Inonge Mwenya as embassy representatives on SOZA. SOZA had told us this and we see the pictures of SOZA at the embassy for private meetings.


Even when minister Kalaba came, you only invited SOZA but no one from diaspora. Now that same SOZA you made is attacking you in public. When I was growing up in Zambia we had a dog its name was Lion. One day Lion bit my brother on the leg. It was bad.


Can you guess what my farther did to Lion? If you guessed right thats what you need to do to SOZA. SOZA is Lion and has bitten you on your leg and its a bad bite. What did you do to them for them to disrespect you like this?

In my appeal to you I refused to give my true name because i said they will attack me, now you see what i mean? Call me a coward but I have seen the wrath of people in SOZA? They attack like bees. They are attacking you and your staff and they are attacking other associations. Thats what bees do, they just attack everything. But at least bees produce honey these SOZA produce nothing.

If Mwangala Jo the president of SOZA can insult a whole president of Zambia and then your embassy still welcomes her with open arms to meet the minister Kalaba and even the Vice President Inonge Wina then she have great power and influence at your embassy. I am scared that if I expose myself and then I need assistance from the embassy I am scared that your staff will not help me. I don’t want to be on bad side of your staff.

I do business in Zambia and US so I dont want to be on bad side of government. So its better to be a coward. SOZA leaders have told us that Patricia Litiya and Inonge Mwenya are the inside people for SOZA thats why everyone has to go through SOZA. Patricia said the embassy will block other diaspora and tell them to go through SOZA. SOZA said Patricia she is the one who even put the story of SOZA in the Zambia Daily Mail because she has contacts there.

The rest of the diaspora has no chance at the embassy. It is for SOZA. If I can give some two suggestions, Number 1, please control the behavior of Patricia Litiya. She is bringing dirt from outside into your embassy plus the behavior is not professional of a embassy officer. Everyday putting selfies and pictures modeling on Facebook. How can we respect your government officer who is modeling on Facebook like our children, daily? What time does she do her job she was sent here to do.

That’s why people don’t fear your embassy. She is fighting with Cynthia Neal one day, then passing documents to criminal felon then modeling on Facebook. Chachilamo mwe!! Number 2, ignore SOZA. They have disrespected the government of Zambia badly.

Let them make noise they will get tired then they will disappear. I told you already that we in the diaspora don’t recopies SOZA so the only power they have is from you and Patricia Litiya. These are people with no real employment that’s why they can post on Facebook the whole day.

It takes time to be on Facebook the whole day. The only way you can do it is if you don’t have a job. Me I read the posts when I knock off, lol.

Anonymous person posted on my article in Lusaka Times and gave the actual name of mwangala jo.

It is mwangala lubinda Haimbe, also known as mwangala Jonas. I want to thank the anonymous. In my last writing Excellancy Ambassador Mulonda, I asked you if you did background check on these executive. Mwangala Lubinda Haimbe AKA Mwangala Jo has been arrested two times and convicted in 10 total offense.,

I SAID 10 OFFENSES!! Remember I told you that some have criminal background. I have attached the information for you. Your Excellancy Ambassador Mulonda why is Patricia Litiya and Inonge Mwenya forcing the diaspora to be represented by a convicted criminal? What advice and direction will she provide? Maybe how to do scams.

And this is the woman who your staff is giving official government documents to. Shuwa!! In this whole diaspora and these associations you cant find someone with no criminal background. Anyway if you think I was just making stories, here is the information. Excellencey Ambassador you are a lawyer so you understand the seriousness of these such offences.

First Arrest in 2003

Convictions: BATTERY-MISD.


Second Arrest in 2005

Convictions (9 offenses):


(2) DUI











Transaction card theft, plus two times forgery plus drunk driving and suspended license and endangering a child. Convicted on FORGERY in America and then Patricia Litiya give her government documents? It is because of criminal record that Mwangala Jo cannot continue with the law education she studied at UNZA.

Ambassador, for real!! Is this the person you want to force us to follow? And how foolish is SOZA executive to put this criminal to represent SOZA? Don’t they know that you supposed to put the person with a clean background in the forefront? Not the one with fellony. And that Mr Malama also has a questionable background, and has not been able to get formal employment since coming to America so he sells calling cards for diaspora to call Zambia.

The wife supports the home. And now he has been abandoning his wife and child so that he can live with mwangala jo here in atlanta. He comes all the way from California to cause confusion here. Now Francis Malama and Chapi Mataka from SOZA executive are saying they will write to the government to report people who are insulting Ba Lungu. Do they mean they will report SOZA president Mwanagala Jo who insulted Ba Sata and Ba Lungu?

I don’t think Franis Malama can report his own girlfriend. But it is shocked me that your embassy still put this group as the only group to speak for the diaspora even knowing these issues. Someone in the SOZA said that Patricia Litiya is very close friends with Mwangala Jo since being in Zambia and she knows about Mwangala Jo criminal background but told her that it will not be a problem, she will protect her. Thats why SOZA are the only ones who did met minister Kalaba at the embassy for a private meeting. Now the permanent secretary for foreign affairs is coming to America.

Is Patricia Litiya arranging another private meeting for SOZA? Ambassador, I think you are aware of these arrangements by your staff. So now your embassy is having the permanent secretary meet with a convicted criminal as the representative of the US diaspora!! I was reading the article in QFM in May 2015 Mr Chalwe Lombe the PS, said he was proud of Zambians abroad because the criminal cases have reduced and then Patrica Litiya and Inonge Mwenya plan meetings for Mwangala jo to meet Mr Chalwe and to speak for the diaspora.

Mwandi, I am just flabbergasted that our government at the embassy can do this. If you don’t remember anything i say please remember this, SOZA IS NOT THE FACE OF THE DIASPORA IN AMERICA!! THE ARE EMBARRASSING US HERE!! No matter what Patricia Litiya or Inonge Mwenya are telling you. What is the motive of Patricia Litiya to impose on us these fools?

Did the minister Kalaba know that he was meeting a person who was convicted on 10 offense in American laws? Or did Patricia hide that information from her boss? Then the same group is on facebook saying they told minister Kalaba to convince president Lungu about dual citizenship. Do these ‘ignoramus’ people know that dual citizenship is already on draft constitution all this time since the late Sata? Your Excellancy Ambassador Mulonda do you know how many of these people cannot even get dual citizenship? Dual means two, American and Zambian citizenship.

Some of these SOZA people have criminal records, some are here illegally etc. How will they get dual citizenship. Test me again if you think I am making stories, try and ask them to produce their American status papers and also the Zambian papers. You will see. I know many good Zambians in diaspora do not have papers but are they trying to represent the whole diaspora. My english can be bad but me I read these things.

Then this week Mwangala jo has put on Facebook that SOZA paved the way for creating the diaspora policy. I think this woman is also mentally disturbed plus a criminal.

Now the latest is Sidique has made a new diaspora organisation for the whole diaspora in world.

In the world. Sometimes you can mix up stupidity and ambition ka! The name is OZA. Yaba, this diaspora. This is confusing. Sidique said he was the founder of SOZA together with Patricia Litiya from your instruction.

Then Francis Malama pushed him out of SOZA and now he has formed OZA. Now OZ and SOZA are fighting for power. Sir, this is what the embassy caused. So which organisation is the embassy going to recognise? Anyway people know Sidique and he works with the diaspora. He is the president of the big association and also raises money for funerals. But Sidique also insults you. Awe, for sure its a dilemma. So should we obtain passport forms from Sidique or continuie from Mwangala Jo?

Ambassador your Excellency, please work with all groups not just one. Please advise Patricia Litiya and Inonge Mwenya to work with all of the diaspora. If Patricia is too much friendly with diaspora to make proper decisions please find somebody else. But this approach you did is not working. For the sake of the rest of the diaspora its time to take care of Lion before it bites you on the other leg.

Our meeting with the ambassador was successful .

Posted by Mwangala Jo on Friday, April 10, 2015

Our meeting with the ambassador was successful .

Posted by Mwangala Jo on Friday, April 10, 2015


Our meeting with the ambassador was successful .

Posted by Mwangala Jo on Friday, April 10, 2015

Concerned Zambian in the diaspora

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