Thieves break into court, steal K1,500

Lusaka High Court

CRIMINALS have broken into the Chingola Magistrate’s Court civil registry and have stolen K1,500 cash.
Preliminary investigations indicate that the suspects entered the building after breaking a window pane.


A check by the Daily Mail team found police officers from the forensic department combing the crime scene in a bid to lift fingerprints.
“There are no fingerprints. It is like they [criminals] used gloves to conceal their identity,” said a scenes of crime investigator.
Clerk of court Nevers Siuluta said court officials found the floor of the civil registry littered with files of case records and broken glass.


“Yes, I can confirm that the office was broken into by suspected criminals who gained entry to the registry office by breaking the window pane,” he said.


Mr Siuluta said the suspects tampered with the filing cabinet and stole the money.
“We are currently taking stock of our records of criminal cases in drawers that the criminals tampered with,” he said.
Mr Siuluta is concerned that there has been no guard at the Chingola Magistrate’s Court for the past seven years.

“Management will take up the issue of security, because we have had no guard for the last seven years,” he said.
This is the second time that criminals are breaking into the Chingola Magistrate’s Court.