ZRA destroys goods worthy K180,000

Zambia Revenue Authority

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) at Nakonde border in Muchinga province has destroyed counterfeit and other prohibited goods worth over K180, 000.


Counterfeit products destroyed included digital video discs (DVDs), video compact discs (VCDs) and audio tapes.
Prohibited goods destroyed include sachets of prohibited Tujilijile beer which were illegally brought into the country.

Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe has since warned people dealing in counterfeit products that the long arm of the law will visit them and ensure that they are prosecuted.
Mr. Nundwe said that government has continued to lose huge sums of money due to increased levels of piracy in the country.


He said that musicians, music and film industry are not fully benefiting from the works hence government becoming tough on the people dealing in counterfeit products.
The Permanent Secretary also commended ZRA for being alert and ensures that they do not allow prohibited goods into the country.


And Nakonde Acting District Commissioner Kasase Mwale said ZRA and other security wings in the border town have continued with surveillance and operations to ensure that no prohibited goods are allowed into the country.


Mr. Mwale said law enforcement agencies have declared war on dealers in counterfeit products adding that he was happy that with the introduction of the hologram by the government which came into effect in 2013, levels of piracy had reduced.


The amended Copyright and Performance Rights Act no. 25 of 2010 only allows accredited producers and importers to buy a hologram from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services.
All the dealers in audio-visual products are also expected to sale only products with a hologram affixed on them such as digital video discs and video compact discs.