Zambian woman dies day after Pakistan sends her to India

Twala Keltha
death of 40-year-old Twala Keltha at an Amritsar hospital on Saturday
By: Express News Service | Amritsar | Published on:June 29, 2015
Mystery shrouds the death of a Zambian woman at an Amritsar hospital on Saturday, a day after she was denied entry into Pakistan and returned to India in a “semi-conscious” state.

Amritsar (Rural) police have launched an investigation into the death while awaiting clearance from various authorities concerned to conduct her autopsy.


The Amritsar administration has informed the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs and the Embassy of Zambia as well as a Principal Secretary concerned in the Punjab government about the death of 40-year-old Twala Keltha at an Amritsar hospital on Saturday.


Amritsar Deputy Commissioner Pardeep Sabharwal said the post-mortem examination would be conducted after getting a nod from these authorities since the woman is a foreign national.

Amritsar (Rural) SSP said Keltha had reached Attari on June 25 and wanted to go to Pakistan.

“She did not have visa for Pakistan. But after Indian authorities spoke to their Pakistani counterparts, they agreed to grant her visa on arrival.



However, when she crossed over, Pakistan refused to grant her visa. And by that time, the office on the Indian side had closed. She spent the night somewhere on the Pakistani side of the border.

On June 26, she was handed over to authorities in India in a semi-conscious state and was later rushed to a hospital in Amritsar where she died on Saturday,” the SSP said.


“We will investigate what was her motive to go to Pakistan even as she did not have any visa,” the SSP said, adding that it is a mystery why Pakistan first agreed to grant her visa on arrival but later refused.

“We have to see for what purpose she was in India. It is also to be investigated where all she stayed in India, whether she came to India alone and who hosted her in India,” the SSP said.


The SSP said the woman appeared “mentally unsound”. “But we are not sure whether her behaviour was circumstantial or indeed she was unsound,” the SSP added.

“There is no apparent injury mark on her body. The cause of death would be known only after autopsy,” said the SSP.



He added the woman was visiting India “on a tourist visa, which was given to her on the invitation of a Maharashtra-based company”.

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