10 Million Zambians risk contracting elephantiasis – Health Minister

Elephantiasis - Photo Credit - The Post

Parliament heard on June 25th that 10 million Zambians are at risk of contracting elephantiasis.

This came to light when Health Minister Joseph Kasonde presented a ministerial statement on elephantiasis to parliament.


Dr Kasonde revealed to parliament that the mapping doing by the ministry showed that parasites that cause elephantiasis were in existence in 85 districts.

He cited Kalabo in western province as the district that had the highest percentage of parasitise that cause elephantiasis.


He disclosed to the house that government commenced the mass drug administration to areas where parasites were found after the mapping was done.

The Health Minister said some districts have way passed their targets while other districts are still carrying out immunization.


Dr Kasonde told parliament that the mass drug administration against elephantiasis will run from 8 June to 2 July 2015.

He stressed that government together with its cooperating partners have started controlling and eliminating parasitise that cause elephantiasis.


And responding to question raised by Kasempa MMD area member of parliament Kabinga Pande who wanted to know whether Zambia can meet the target to eliminate elephantiasis by 2020.

In response the Health Minister assured the house that government has the capacity to meet the 2020 target set by the World health Organization of eliminating elephantiasis.



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