Clergyman prays against spirit of suicide

Man Of God - Pastor, priest
Man Of God - Pastor, priest

A Clergy man has called on members of the public to seek God’s interventions and pray against the spirit of suicide being experienced in the Northern Province.


Reverend Elias Mponela of Kasama Bread of Life church said this in an interview with ZANIS in Kasama today.


Rev Mponela advised that people should always call for God’s intervention whenever they are befallen with any troubles as he is the only answer to their problems.


He further said the power of God never fails hence the need for everyone to look up to him in everything.


The Rev added that people resorting to eliminating their lives in times of trouble were not solving anything saying such actions were just contributing to the problems of the families they leave behind.


Rev Mponela gave the advice following the recent increased suicide cases that have been experienced the in the Northern Province.


More than five cases of people committing suicide have been recorded within a space of three days in Kasama with the latest two cases recorded this week of a police officer who shoot himself using an AK 47 rifle while a peasant farmer who took his own life following a poor beans harvest.