ZAWA apprehends seven for illegal guns and trophies

Zambian Wildlife Authority
Anti-Poaching unit from ZAWA (Zambian Wildlife Authority)

The Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) in Kalabo District of Western Province has apprehended a total of seven people for being in possession of illegal fire arms and government trophies.

Among the seven apprehended were five men and two women from Swalela and Sibungu villages respectively of Chief Likubi’s area located inside Liuwa National Park.

Kalabo District Park Ranger Safely Mulala disclosed this to ZANIS in Kalabo today.



Mr. Mulala named the two males from Sibungu Village who were found in possession of two illegal shot guns, 16 rounds of ammunition, a knife and an axe as Monde Mukelabai 32 and Musengo Simaka 42.

Mr. Mulala also named the other three males from the same village who were found with assorted fresh and dried game meat as Maseka Miyeba 34, Simangolwa Kayoka 38 and Mukatimui Muyunda 35.



He further disclosed the two women of Swalela Village who were found with 110 kilograms of dried wild beast meat as Nashibo Mwangala 49 and Mushitu Mayeya 33.

Meanwhile, the two males Monde Mukelabai and Musengo Simaka have been charged with unlawful possession of fire arms contrary to section 10 of ZAWA fire arms Act and Act No.10 of the Laws of Zambia.



And the other three males and two females have been slapped with a charged of unlawful possession of government trophy contrary to section No.2 of the ZAWA act and section 16 of the Laws of Zambia.

The seven are all detained at Kalabo State Prison waiting to appear in court.