Man sues unfaithful wife for divorce

Divorce Court

A KITWE man told a local court that his wife is unfaithful and is in the habit of having extra-marital affairs with different men.
This is in a case in which Ben Mwanza sued Lindiwe Mukuni for divorce.
Mwanza narrated that his wife at one point left home to go and live with another man.
He said he is tired of his wife’s promiscuous behaviour and lack of respect for her parents-in-law.
The couple got married in 2012 and have a daughter together.

“She has several boyfriends and has no respect for my parents,” Mwanza said.
But Mukuni denied the allegations, stating that her parents-in-law were the cause of problems in their marriage.
She narrated that Mwanza listened to whatever his mother or sisters told him.
“Even when they fabricate stories about me, he does not even verify them. He believes everything they say,” she explained.
Senior Local Court magistrates Jonas Mwaba, Zaccheas Katongo and Boas Chibwe refused to grant divorce and castigated Mwanza’s mother, who was present in court, for causing confusion in her son’s marriage.

This was after she told the court that she supported her son’s intention to divorce because Mukuni does not go to cook or clean her house when she falls sick.
The court advised the two families to seek counsel on marriage.
Mwanza’s 20-year-old sister, who told the court that her sister-in-law had a boyfriend, was also admonished for claiming that she also met her talking to a man at the market.
The court ordered that the two families inform the court on the progress the families will make after seeking traditional counsel on July 30.


Zambia Daily Mail