Deputy Police I.G cautions Police against social media.

Police Officer
A well groomed Police Officer looks on at the Labour Day Celebration -Picture by Eddy Mwanaleza

Deputy Inspector General of Police in Charge of Administration Kakoma Kanganja has warned police officers against communicating official documents and statements on social media.

Mr. Kanganja said police officers have to be mindful of their interactions on social media networks adding that such acts may land one in problems if found wanting.

The Deputy Inspector General in charge of Administration warned that police officers should not involve themselves in politics.

He said the loyalty of all officers is to the President and the government of the day.


He added that the Ministry of Home Affairs is in the process of amending all disciplinary procedures which will also be effected on all officers including  superiors once found wanting.

Mr. Kanganja said he is aware of the lack of post IDs for officers that graduated in 2012 a situation which had affected promotions for other officers.

He said officers should follow orders adding that no one should refuse transfers as they all attested to serve anywhere when posted.

He explained that refusal of transfers has caused pressure and distortions on the payroll.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kanganja has instructed police supervisors to remove all junk vehicles from police  premises.


He said once a police report has been issued for vehicles involved in road accidents police should ensure that the said vehicles are collected.

He was speaking June 4th  when he visited Katete District police station on his familiarisation tour of the Eastern province.

Mr. Kanjanga is in the province to look at achievements, staffing levels, state of infrastructure, transport and discipline among other administrative matters.