ZNBC should edit Kambwili’s nonsense, his mouth runs like a stray dog – SABOI

Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela

Saboi Imboela says, if Chishimba Kambwili cannot tame his mouth, the least ZNBC can do is edit his nonsense. Sincerely, how do we have a whole lot of a minister propagate a tribal agenda like that.

We have children and the least we want for our country is a country where people are tolerant, sensitive and civil in their social, cultural and political lives.

To have put that Kambwili human being as information minister was one of the biggest mistakes of the PF govt, but to let him run his mouth like a stray dog like that is totally unacceptable.

This is my first and last warning, we have clear laws against tribalism in this country and if this human being is not tamed I will personally take it up with him and ZNBC. We can’t live in such a country.

All countries that experienced war were once peaceful but had individuals like Kambwili who could not see beyond their ethnicity.

So PF and Edgar Lungu think that by forcing news readers to say One Zambia, One Nation at the beginning of the news is enough? How do u even insist on the journalists to say that when the content of the news is dangerously tribal like that?

Kambwili’s mouth needs to be tamed and tamed soonest, this is not a jungle.



  1. Fat Albert thinkx he is a Mr know it all.Today he can go 2 kalomo & start inspectng roads and bridges

  2. useless woman from yo husband to CK get a life u are da one whoz like a stray dog if u wnt to join politics jst join lyk a normal person not da way u are behaving lyk a dog on hit

  3. Saboi is just a frastrated prostitute who should Focus on her house bullshit rather than porking her dirty nose in politics she is a very shameless fool who just Wants to get attention and public audience by uttering baseless statements!!!!! VIVA C.K

  4. Maybe she is the one who should tame hers………each time she opens her mouth she puts her feet in it…….!

  5. Surely tribalism like tht was the worst.I thot it’s One Zambia One Nation sure.Yashani?

  6. that’s true…what Kambwili was saying yestrnit is nonsense…! how do u say such tins on TV, does Kambwili think b4 speaking. he’s very stupid.

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