Liuwa community surviving on grass due to severe hunger


People in Kalabo’s Liuwa area are surviving on grass due to severe hunger that has hit the area.

Speaking on behalf of the other community members, a senior citizen Nalwalwa Simangolwa of Munde village told ZANIS that Sibeni and Munde villages run out of food due poor rainfall experienced in the area.

Mr Simangolwa said villagers were at first feeding on fish but the waters in the lagoons have since dried up.

He lamented that the drying up of the water in ponds had left them with no option but to feed on wheat like grass traditionally known as Bucuani .

Mr. Simangolwa appealed to government under the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to assist the area with relief before an outbreak of malnutrition.

The senior citizen, who travelled for over 60 kilometres to reach Kalabo Boma area to ask for assistance from the District Commissioner’s office, was optimistic that government would send relief to the affected areas soon.

Recently District DMMU chairperson Mwiya Inambao who is also Acting District Commissioner said 4500 by 50 kilograms of maize had been allocated for Kalabo District in the first phase and that the transporter would transport the maize into the District soon to alleviate the hunger situation.



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