Anyone unwilling to work with new members should leave PF – Lungu

Richard Kapita, Edgar lungu
Richard Kapita, Edgar lungu

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Vice President for Administration Richard Kapita has ditched the party and joined the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

ZANIS reports Mr Kapita having made this huge step in Mwinilunga saying he has decided to join PF and work with President Edger Lungu because he is a development oriented President who has demonstrated an inclusive and selfless spirit of leadership to develop the country.


Mr. Kapita said it is only through PF and under the sound leadership of President Lungu that he can successfully achieve his desire to contribute to meaningful national development and has since appealed to other members in UPND to come on board and join the ruling party.

He was joined by Kawiku Ward Councillor Haward Sameta with other UPND members who have defected to PF when President Lungu held a public rally at freedom square in Mwinilunga district on 16th MAY, 2015.


And President Lungu has welcomed Mr Kapita and other defectors to the PF party urging them to acquaint themselves with the PF manifesto and work diligently with the party.

He has since directed PF members unwilling to work with new members joining the party to immediately leave the party adding that he will not entertain anyone trying to stand on the way of recruiting new members.

President Lungu said politics is a game of numbers and has instructed North-western provincial PF Executive Committee to recruit more new members to the party regardless of their tribe or political affiliation in the province.


President Lungu was in Mwinilunga on 16th MAY, 2015 to commission the earth moving equipment the district Local authority has procured and toured the district hospital before he held a public rally at freedom square.


  1. that’s true coz it will abreast division of labour in time where they are supposed work together. this tym it should be a smooth race ….