An African immigrant holds a machete in a run-down district of east Johannesburg(Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters)
An African immigrant holds a machete in a run-down district of east Johannesburg(Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters)
By Niza Phiri (Aspiring MP, Munali constituency)
Sensitive topic. This mental disease burns, a cancer, an acid, its tragic..
We have Priscillas video geting so much hype, such is our interest, such is our type. We live in a country that has an average of a by election every Month, but we speak employment creation, we’ll that’s just useless froth What is wrong with the black man? Are we truly free, man!? Everything we do we copy the white man, our idea of rich was food on the table, a cow or two, stories by the camp fire, why haven’t we grown and built an empire around that, but the idea of rich is the western idea, the idea where kids play video games instead of what we called “game”?
Even our names, are now Peter, Joe and Stan? Av heard the reason, av heard the excuse, its time, its a conspiracy by the “white man”, he determines our copper prices and how the world should run, sigh! lord help me, am temperamental its about to blow, my little fuse, white man pushes africa down?, what has he got to do with it when you kill each other in the name of political differences?
Its that silly, Stupid, u kill a fellow african because he is smarter than you and you are jealous? Xenophobia! Or yes we criticise them, but you walk the night and kill , bewitch, what is wrong with you african son and daughter?, a country(zambia) of 13 million people consumes over a billion litres of alcohol and yet we have poverty as our middle name? Some of you work hard no doubt, but really its not about how hard but how smart, u tell me , you work for 20 years same job no future plan, u set up a little vending stand, but 10 years down the line all u can afford for your kids is pulp/nshima with salt?
African man african son. Disease has plagued your people for a century,its nothing new but you have never seriously been researching a cure, malaria, aids, when we want money for this , we don’t have , what we have is little, its few. We love entertainment don’t we?, we throw lavish parties, when we make it yeah we “make it rain” our rich people drive around in big american cars that swallow millions in fuel and spares, they leave no inheritance for their kids.
African lady, jewellery, pizza, hair , yes that fake hair expensive hair that poor Brazilians and indians offer to the gods as sacrifice, or that they sale to make ends meet? U buy and cover that gorgeous african hair because u have bought into their idea of beauty, what a shame, really lame, u put on make up and lighten your body with beauty creams, cry my beloved ancestors, africa has lost its drum beat. We are civilised independent but we are not free, what’s so hard, the truth! why don’t we see? Social media is what we live, spending hours upon end on our little gadgets and speaking sense, but how many of us do anything about what we speak, we are too lazy, we just do the bare minimum to get by.
Religion the african is so passionate about, should bring peace, prosperity and love throughout. But religious wars wage on in the north, this blind faith has blinded you, God will not come down and till your land, even your religious teachings say blessed is the hand that tills the land. Your blood is swallowed by the african sand. The concept of love clearly in all religious teachings, but you can’t grasp? The simple african mind! Well I want to believe there are plenty who feel the burn, but the results show that the wise are few, education is plentiful but you do not learn, well may be am the fool, I see not the wisdom that’s in this poverty, but if that’s wisdom? I’d rather be a fool.