Top South African gospel singer dies in car crash

Mpho Regalo @MphoRegalo
Mpho Regalo @MphoRegalo

An accident on the N1 south towards Makhado in Limpopo, has claimed the life of well-known gospel singer, Mpho Gangashe, also known as Mpho Regalo.

Traffic Department spokesperson Kagiso Mootane says this was one of two accidents which were reported in the province on Friday night.

“The first accident occurred on the N1 south towards Makhado where a driver of a sedan collided with another coming vehicle head on and on that accident we have lost three people of which is a driver and two passengers.

the other person is a well known artist from well known gospel group known as Lufuno and Rofiwa,” says Mootane.


The death of gospel singer Mpho Regalo has left his band crew heartbroken. He died in a car accident that also claimed the life of his mother near Louis Trichardt in Limpopo.

Band member Tendani Mahwasane says he has lost a brother whom he held dear.

“Mpho Regala to me was a brother we stayed together in the same place at Midrand and then to me losing him is a loss and I’m ┬ávery hurt.


I have mixed emotions the way I am now because besides music we like brothers and now I’m very disturbed because there’s so many gigs, so many events that were coming up and my brother just decided to leave. I’m just saying it because he decided to leave but I’m hurt I’m just saying its gonna be difficult to push on from now . We will remember him and may his soul Rest In Peace,” says Mahwasane.