CHEATING Wife, lover behind bars for husband assault

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A CHEATING wife and her lover have been sentenced to one month imprisonment with hard labour by the Kitwe Magistrate’s Court for jointly assaulting her husband.
Magistrate Leonard Tembo on Tuesday warned Steven Mwanza to stop dating other people’s wives.
When the matter came up for plea, Mwanza, 33, a bus driver, and Juliet Ngulube, 23, a maid, both of Ipusukilo Township in Kitwe, admitted to assault.

Particulars are that on March 22 this year in Kitwe, Mwanza and Ngulube assaulted James Mwamba, the latter’s husband, thereby occasioning him actual bodily harm.
In sentencing the two, magistrate Tembo counselled the cheating couple to stick to their respective spouses and be faithful to their spouses.
Facts presented before the court were that on the material day, Mr Mwamba went to watch a televised match at a bar and found his estranged wife drinking beer with Mwanza.
But when Ngulube saw her husband, she left the bar with her lover, but Mr Mwamba trailed them at a good distance.

The court heard that Mr Mwamba followed the two to a house where his wife was staying, and when he budged in, he found them naked.
And when he asked the “couple” what they were doing, they descended on him and beat him. Mr Mwamba sustained injuries.
The matter was reported to the police and the duo were arrested and charged with the subject offence.