Mpombo says he has not sold his party to PF

George Mpombo
George Mpombo

Opposition People’s Democratic Party President George Mpombo has ruled out disbanding his party despite forging an alliance with the ruling Patriotic Front in the just ended April 14 by-elections.

Dr. Mpombo says the fact that he supported and campaigned for the ruling PF during Tuesday’s parliamentary by-election in Masaiti does not mean he has sold his soul to the ruling party.

He has told Qfm News by telephone that as a leader of an opposition political party he will still criticize the PF government if it goes out of the way of what is expected of it by the Zambian people.

Dr. Mpombo has explained that much as he is aware that the trend where opposition political parties continue to enter into political alliances during elections with a ruling party does affect the vibrancy of a democratic country’s political landscape, he decided to work with the ruling PF because his party has found difficult to enter into an alliance with any other opposition political party.

He says this is owing to the political intolerance that is still prevailing in the country.

Dr Mpombo states that while it is expected that his party should provide checks and balances to the party in government, it is still within the bounds of its vision of effectively contributing to good governance in the country and that he does not foresee his party departing from this vision.

He states that his party is happy with the outcome of the Masaiti Parliamentary by-election which was scooped by PF’s Michael Katambo.


Credit – QFM NEWS