Luampa Mission Hospital in water shortage, discharges patients

Luampa Mission Hospital
Luampa Mission Hospital

Luampa Mission Hospital in Luampa District has reduced the number of patient admissions due to a water crisis being faced by the institution.

Hospital Executive Director Snaki Chihinga brought this to light when Luampa Member of Parliament’s toured the hospital.

Mr Chihinga said the water problem is due to lack of electricity as the hospital generator has a breakdown.

“We are operating under a difficult situation, the condition at the hospital is pathetic our toilets are in a bad state and this may spread infections to patients,” he said.

Mr Chihinga said the hospital management has started discharging some patients in order to decongest the hospital.

“It is very difficult to run a hospital with 125 bed capacity without water and electricity,” Mr Chihinga said.

Meanwhile, some nurses have complained of poor sanitation and a bad working environment.

And Luampa Member of Parliament Josephine Limata said government through the Constituency Development Fund has allocated some money to purchase a new generator for the hospital.

A check by ZANIS today found few patients in male and female wards.

Luampa Mission Hospital is the only hospital in Luampa district serving as a referral point for more than nine clinics in the district.