Zambia Motor Sport Pembe Rally controvercy

Geoffrey Chulu
Geoffrey Chulu

CONTROVERSY still surrounds the winner for the Easter weekend’s Pembe Milling Rally with the Zambia Motor Sport Association (ZMSA) now overturning the results and handing the victory back to Jassy Singh.

This development means the Pembe Rally championship has changed hands three times in a space of three days.
Jassy was initially announced as the winner immediately the race ended in Chisamba at the weekend, forcing the Chulu brothers of driver, Geoffrey and navigator, Laston, placed second, to protest against the results which brought more experts to the table.
After a lengthy verification exercise, Geoffrey was declared the winner, marginally ahead of Jassy on Saturday night and took home the K4, 000 winners prize and trophy.
But Jassy turned down the K3,000 second prize money in protest.
But information reaching the Times yesterday stated that Jassy was the new winner with ZMSA set to make the announcement this week.

Whereas as Geoffrey’s time has remained constant, the time for Jassy has improved to 1.01.52 from the 1.02.52 recorded after the Chulus protested. Geoffrey’s time was 1.02.21.
The Times was told that modern technology had allowed the review in the results predicament to bring accurate Global Positioning System (GPS) aided results.
A source said the Pro-Watch Tracking, a company that handled the GPS had enabled the accurate tracking of time and movement of the vehicles through its tracking devices which were placed in all the racing cars.
“We have embraced this technology hence it has given us an insight over actual time taken. Stewarts in conjunction with clerk of the course are left in no doubt and confirm these results attached as true, accurate and final.”
ZMSA yesterday held talks over the matter and said it would announce its findings soon.


Credit – By MWANGALA LISELI – times