Lusaka female emplyees locked up 3 days, no food, water

Police IG Libongani
Police IG Libongani


SOME workers at Mount Meru Filling Station in Lusaka have complained of being locked up in an office for three days without food or water.
The workers have since appealed to the Police to expedite investigations and arrest the managers at the filling station for locking them up.
The employees, most of them female fuel attendants, said they were locked up early this week by their superiors when one of them was suspected to have misappropriated funds.
Speaking to the Times and on condition of anonymity, the employees complained that while their superiors had a right to investigate those stealing, it was wrong for them to lock them up for three days before establishing the culprits.

“We are being detained against our will each time money goes missing here, locking us up for three days was tantamount to abduction and we want the Police to investigate the matter until arrests are made,” they said.
They said in an interview that Zambia was governed by clear Laws which everyone was expected to abide by and that their superiors should have reported thefts to police, if they had convincing evidence that those locked up against their wish were guilty.