Mulungushi University students arresred for forging bank deposit slips

Mulungushi University
Mulungushi University

TEN students at Mulungushi University have been apprehended for forging bank deposit slips for fees to the university.
Two students suspected to be masterminds of the scam at the institution of higher learning managed to escape a Police dragnet but a manhunt for the duo has been launched.
Central Province Police chief Lombe Kamukoshi said among the 10, were four female and six male students.
Ms Kamukoshi said the students allegedly tampered with figures on the deposit slips after depositing tuition fees into the Mulungushi University bank account.

They would then present their deposit slips with inflated figures to the university, indicating that they had deposited more than they actually had.
This could have been going on for a long time, as the university has been recording notable financial loss.
They have not yet been charged, as Police continue with investigations.
Meanwhile, a man died on the spot, while five others are nursing injuries in hospital after a road accident in Chibombo.
The accident happened when Lowani Zimba, the driver of a Volvo truck registration AJD 2940, failed to keep to his lane and collided with an oncoming light truck which had six people on board. Ms Kamukoshi said the two vehicles were extensively damaged and the victims are admitted to Kabwe General and Liteta hospitals respectively. Mr Zimba has been detained by Police.