Zambia secures $65m from China

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ZNBC-Zambia has secured 65 million US dollars from China to go towards construction of communication towers country wide.

The towers will be erected under the supervision of the Zambia Information, Communication and Technology Authority -ZICTA.

Zambia and China reached the agreement following bilateral talks held during the ongoing State visit by President Edgar Lungu to China.

On Monday President Lungu and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jingping held bilateral talks of which the agreements was signed.

And Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says once implemented the project will reduce the problem of telephone connectivity in the country.

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jingping has proposed that Zambia, Tanzania and China form tripartite think tank to revive the Tanzania, Zambia Authority -Tazara.

During the bilateral talks the Chinese President says Tazara was formed as a freedom project and that it should now be reestablished as an economic venture for the three countries.