Later Day Saints launch Zambian Mother body

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Later Day Saints launch Zambian Mother body

Lusaka, March 15, 2015, ZANIS—The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints in Zambia today launched its first Stake in Lusaka that will oversee sixteen other branches countrywide.


A Stake which is a mother body of the LDS church has taken 23 years to be established in Zambia unlike in other African countries like South Africa that have about 16 of them.


Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saint Lusaka district President Harrison Lumbama told ZANIS in an interview that his church is delighted with the upgrade, as it will no longer have to seek consultancy from the Stake in South Africa in terms of decision making.


Mr Lubamba said, with the upgrading of the Church into a Stake, the Church is expected to reach many more people through its missionary and humanitarian work.


He said the Church is focused on bringing the Gospel to the people on a door to door basis that allows them to brainstorm on the Word of God.


Mr Lubamba added that following the upgrade, the intake of people coming in for missionary work will increase.


Mr. Lubamba said the humanitarian works of the Church have been evident over the years such as the renovating  the Manda Hill and Matero Police Posts.