ERB working on aggressive marking programme

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The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has  embarked on an aggressive fuel marking programme which is on the procurement stage.

ERB Executive Director Langiwe Lungu told ZANIS in an interview in Ndola today that the board will have a marker to detect if fuel has been mixed with other components like Kerosene.

Ms Lungu said the programme will be in effect by the end of 2015.

Ms. Lungu said a lot of filling stations were mixing fuel with other components but that ERB would  ensure that Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) found wanting will have their licenses revoked.

She warned that OMCs found wanting will not only have their licenses revoked but that they will also face the wrath of the law.

And Ms. Lungu said the ERB is analysing what is being released on the market in order to determine where the shortage of oil is coming from.

Ms. Lungu said that ERB works on statistics adding that it will set up a meeting with OMCs in order to have actual figures and question OMCs based on the findings.

Ms. Lungu explained that once ERB gets a full picture it will be able to determine what needs to be done in terms of the shortage.

Some parts of the country especially Lusaka are experiencing a fuel shortage since last weekend.