Six month old baby, mother and 79 year old man shot in Pemba

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—————Three people including a six month old baby in Chief Hamaundu‘s area in Pemba District were last night shot died by unknown people at a funeral house.


Southern Province Assistant Police Commissioner Kashif  Mphande  confirmed the incident  to ZANIS in a telephone interview today which occurred around 20:00 hours.


Mr. Mpande identified the deceased as Wendy Senenga a female aged 45 of Nabuzoka Village, Amon Mweene aged 79 of Mweene Village and six month old Twaambo Sikwala.


Mr. Mpande said Ms Senanga who was carrying her  six month old baby sustained  gunshot wounds to her chin, left ribs, left arm and armpit and died on the spot together with her child while  Mr. Mweene was shot in the head and rushed to Monze Mission Hospital  but later died.


“I can confirm that three people were shot at a funeral place in Chief Hamaundu’ area in Pemba district and this happened last night around 20: 00 hours,” said Mr. Mpande.


The Southern Province Assistant Police Commissioner explained that the Mweene family were mourning a family member  who died in  Monze General Hospital yesterday at around 12: 00 hours and that some family members suspected that 79 year-old Amon Mweene bewitched the deceased.

He said the body of the deceased was taken from Monze Hospital to the village for burial but that last night some unknown people came with a gun believed to be home made with the intention to kill Mr. Mweene.


Mr. Mphande said the first shot missed Mr. Mweene and instead caught Ms Senanga and her baby who was strapped to her back. 


He said the second shot caught Mr. Mweene in the head and other pellets injured five other people who are currently receiving treatment in Monze Mission Hospital.


“What we know is that there were some unknown people who came to the funeral house with what we suspect  was a home-made gun and shot the first round which caught Ms Senanga who at the time was serving food to mourners  while the second shot caught Mr. Mweene in the head and was rushed to hospital but later died,” said Mr. Mphande.


Mr. Mpande said police have not yet made any arrests but will not relent to bring to book the culprits adding that serious investigations have since been instituted.


Meanwhile, Mr. Mpande has strongly advised people to desist from taking the law into their own hands.


“People should not resort to taking justice on their own especially on issues of witchcraft because these are very difficult to understand and I would strongly advise people to desist from taking the law into their own hands,” said Mr. Mpande.


The bodies of the two deceased are in Monze Mission Hospital Mortuary while that of the baby is at Pemba Clinic Mortuary.