President Lungu recommends inclusion of Dr KK’s book in school curricular

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——————–President Edgar Lungu has urged education institutions in the country to consider including the book written by First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda entitled ‘Zambia Shall Be Free’ in the school curricular.


President Lungu said the book by Dr. Kaunda and other writings by freedom fighters should be incorporated in school curricular to help young people know about the history of the country’ liberation struggle.


Mr. Lungu said the book which was written in 1962 highlights the experiences that Dr. Kaunda and his fellow freedom fighters endured during the brutality of colonialism and racial discrimination.


The President said this during the re-launch of Dr. Kaunda’s book entitled ‘Zambia Shall Be Free’ which was sponsored by Kagem Mining Limited.


President Lungu noted that the nation needs to fully realise the dream of a free and united Zambia enjoying its political, economic and social freedoms anchored in the motto One Zambia One nation.


He said the re-launch of the book is a reminder of the shortage of literature in Zambia’ s history and urged people to support the book industry in order to promote a reading culture among youths.


And Dr.Kaunda said the efforts to reprint the book after over 50 years of its first publication is a big step towards sharing the experiences he and others endured during the struggle for the country’s freedom.


Dr. Kaunda said the book would help people take back the vision of unity which is about working together for the common good as demonstrated in the motto One Zambia One Nation.


"One Zambia, One nation is still a very fresh and valid vision and practice hence am pleased that the motto has been reintroduced in the news bulletins," he said.


And Kagem Mining Board Chairman, William Nyirenda said the majority of young people have little knowledge about the history of the liberation struggle saying the reprint of the book will help bridge the gap.