Monze DC urged women and youths to form clubs

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————————-Government has advised both women and youths in Monze District to  form clubs that so that they can apply and benefit from the empowerment funds which government was disbursing countrywide.


Monze District Commissioner Biggie Mwiinde said government has simplified application forms for empowerment funds to enable women and youths have easy access to the funds to improve their livelihoods.


Mr. Mwiinde said this yesterday when he inspected a women club project in Mutemeba area in Mwanze West ward.


“Government has simplified applications for empowerment funds and so I would advise you to form clubs so that you can access these funds to better your lives,” said Mr. Mwiinde.


And Mr. Mwiinde also urged the Kamwaya women’s club to make good use of the hammer mill that was donated by government in 2011 through the Ministry of Gender.


He implored the women to ensure that all the proceeds from the project were equally shared and re-invested in other profitable ventures.


Earlier Kamwaya women’s club Chairlady Elina Katemba said the project generates about K60 to K70 every day adding that the money has helped club members to buy goats, farming inputs and send their children to school.


Ms Katemba thanked government for the project but appealed for more income generating projects such as poultry, and tailoring to meaningfully reduce poverty.


Meanwhile, Monze District Community Development Officer Felistus Mubukwanu appealed to women club members to form a new committee to effectively and profitably manage the projects.