Heavy rains wash away Luwingu roads

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Heavy rains wash away Luwingu roads

Luwingu, March 3, ZANIS———–Heavy rains have washed away major roads in Luwingu district of the Northern Province making them completely impassable.

This came to light when Luwingu District Administrative Officer, Deodatus Munsungwe, conducted on an on-the- spot check on Luwingu/Nsombo/Chaba, Luwingu/Chungu/Samfya and Luwingu/Mansa Roads.

Mr Munsungwe has called on the Road Development Agency (RDA) to quickly rush to the district and look at the damage that has been done to the roads by heavy rains before lives are lost.

He said the roads have been severely damaged causing vehicles to get stack.

And speaking at the site, a resident, Everisto Kabuswe, said the roads are economically important as they connect to other districts like Chilubi, Samfya and Mansa, adding that business has come to a halt.

Lt Kabuswe said although the Luwingu/Mansa road is under construction, the remaining stretch which has not been worked on from Luwingu side is severely damaged.

He appealed to the contractor doing the road to consider rehabilitating the road from Luwingu in order to make it economically viable.

Lt Kabuswe noted that following the rehabilitation of the Luwingu/Mansa road, the road is always busy as heavy trucks carrying farm inputs and produce, copper and other goods have also contributed to the damage.

He said most trucks from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo have stopped using the Samfya/Serenje road and instead they are using Mansa/Luwingu route to get to Tanzania via the Kasama Mbala road.

Lt Kabuswe has also appealed to Road Development Agency to amount a road toll points in Luwingu and Kasama in order to collect toll tax from the trucks which are diverging from paying in Mpika district in Muchinga Province.

“Government is losing a lot of money from these transporters who have taken advantage of the situation prevailing in Luwingu district,” he added.