PPCA calls on people to work with police

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PPCA calls on people to work with police

Nakonde, March 3, ZANIS——-The Vice Chairperson for Police Public Complaints Authority (PPCA), Emmanuel Chileshe, has called on people of Nakonde district to work hand in hand with the police.

Mr Chileshe said this in Nakonde yesterday during the PPCA consultative meeting with various stakeholders which was held in the council chamber.

He said Nakonde, being a border town with a number of activities police should work together with the people and promote a peaceful co-existence.

The PPCA is an arm of government that investigates complaints against police actions which result in serious injury or death of a person.

The PPCA chairperson also called on traditional leaders that had attended the meeting to disseminate the information about the PPCA to the people on the grassroots as most of them do not know that there is an authority that receives complaints against the police.

Mr Chileshe said the work and behaviour of the police is very cardinal to any nation as it can also bring in investors or make investors shun a particular country.

He said it is, therefore, cardinal that police behave well as they can either encourage or discourage investors.

The PPCA is in Muchinga Province to carry out sensitisation on how people can lodge a complaint against the police.

The PPCA started their sensitisation in Mpika before proceeding to Nakonde and will leave through Chama.

The authority is on a country-wide sensitisation campaign to enlighten people about their functions and how it can help people with complaints against the police.