PF condemns UPND conduct at Grazier Matapa’s funeral

Grayzer Matapa burial
Grayzer Matapa burial

THE Patriotic Front (PF) has condemned the manner in which the UPND handled the funeral of its Munali Constituency chairperson, Grazier Matapa on Friday.
PF media mobilisation assistant Tobias Kafumukache said the behaviour of the UPND cadres exhibited during the funeral procession of Mr Mapata was not only shocking but an abomination and a taboo.
He said that never in the history of Zambia had such a thing occurred despite having a number of cadres from different political parties being murdered in the past.
“As the PF we condemn what happened on Friday as it is not just a taboo but an abomination in the Zambian culture,” Mr Kafumukache said.
“We have also on occasions lost our members to suspected UPND cadres but we have never done what they did on Friday.

“In fact, as I speak, our member who was attached by suspected UPND cadres during the just-ended presidential election died last night.”
Mr Kafumukache further said it was unfortunate that the UPND leadership seemed to be rejoicing when a bad thing happened within the party so as to gain political mileage.
“I appeal to the family to demand for an apology from the UPND who treated the funeral of their loved one with disrespect, because it was really a pity to see a dead body been paraded in the streets just because the UPND leader wanted to gain political favour among Zambians,” he said.
Mr Kafumukache called on the youth to reject violence being perpetrated by some political parties.
“I urge youths to direct their energies to helping develop this country as well as direct energies on the economic development,” he said.
On Friday pallbearers carrying the coffin of Mr Matapa dropped and damaged the coffin as they
fled from a police cordon at the roundabout near Lusaka High Court.


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