NAREP to shun forthcoming by-elections

Elias Chipimo, NAREP
Elias Chipimo, NAREP

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) says it shall refrain from taking part in the forthcoming round of by elections as the party reorganizes and builds up its foundation from the grass roots.

NAREP President Elias Chipimo says if the party structures across the country are solid and complete and if their resolve remains unshakable, then their ultimate victory will be assured and will lead the nation one day.

Mr. Chipimo says NAREP has a vibrant emerging youth wing that must be carefully nurtured so that it consistently reflects the values and vision upon which the party was founded.

He says they shall be engaging the youths across the country directly so that they can emerge with a clear minded, focused and united youth wing that can help foster the growth of its membership in preparation for the polls in 2016.

Mr. Chipimo notes that they will work with the youths to ensure that no one group is left out citing that this process will begin before end of this month.

He adds that in order to ensure the full participation of the youth in political affairs, they demand that government provide funds to enable the electoral commission of Zambia to immediately embark on updating the voters roll and capturing the majority of eligible citizens that are being denied the right to vote.

Mr. Chipimo further states that NAREP is not in the business of giving up but must learns from its mistakes and grows from its defeat to become the party that the nation wants it to be.