President Lungu ‘canes’ illegal land allocators

President Lungu
President Lungu

Lusaka, February 21

President Lungu has warned people to desist from engaging in illegal land allocations.

Mr Lungu advised people to follow the laid down procedures of acquiring land as opposed to illegally allocating land to themselves.

President Lungu also warned PF cadres to desist from taking the law into their own hands but instead respect law enforcement agencies.

The Republican President said this today in Lusaka when he handed over development projects to the people of Chawama constituency.

Mr Lungu said he will not condone indiscipline from cadres who are tarnishing the image of the ruling PF.

The President said he was prepared to lose the 2016 general elections on account of losing an exodus of undisciplined party members.

He advised the cadres and general party membership to lead by example as the party in government by respecting the police and observe the law.

Mr Lungu appealed to the people of Chawama to choose a worthy person to succeed him as Member of Parliament in the by elections set for April 14, 2015.