Man assaults friend over adultery compensation demands

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A 42-year-old man of Basanga area in Chief Musungwa’s chiefdom in Itezhi Tezhi district in central province has been sentenced to four years imprisonment for assaulting his ‘lover’s ‘ husband.



Gerald Chitanda, 42, is said to have been infuriated when Ambrose Mooba sent two people to his house to collect eight (8) heads of cattle as compensation for committing adultery with his wife.


This is in case in which Chitanda has been dragged to court for two counts  of the  offence of assault occasioning  actual bodily harm contrary to the laws of Zambia.



Facts before the  court  were that Chitanda, a husband of two wives and 8 children   admitted committing adultery  with Mooba’s wife and was charged by traditional court to pay eight (8) heads of cattle as compensation.



 But when the two men sent by Ambrose Mooba namely Thomas Mooba and Tenson Sinyungwe explained to him that they had come to collect the cattle ordered by traditional court as compensation, Chitanda refused and instead offered to give them a motorbike.


 Mooba and Sinyungwe then reminded him that the motorbike was not enough as it was worth only three (3) heads of cattle.



This infuriated Chitanda who reached for an axe handle and hit Thomas Mooba on his back and thigh thereby occasioning him actual bodily harm.



At this point, Ambrose Mooba was phoned and rushed to scene and as soon as he disembarked from his vehicle, the furious and violent Chitanda again reached for his axe handle and hit Ambrose Mooba on his back and part of his head.


By this time several villagers had rushed to Chitanda’ house where  all this was taking  place and managed to apprehend him and took him to  Itezhi Tezhi police station where he was charged with the subsequent offence.


After five witnesses testified, Magistrates Munalula Mubita found Chitanda guilty of all to counts and ordered two year sentence for each count and the sentences will run consecutively.


Magistrates Mubita further said the sentence was subject high court confirmation.