Human Rights Commission condemns brutal killing of Chibolya woman

Drive through Chibolya Compound, November 8th 2014 by
Drive through Chibolya Compound, November 8th 2014 by

The Human Rights Commission has condemned the murder of an elderly woman by an angry mob in Lusaka’s Chibolya Compound.


Commission Director, Florence Chibwesha, told ZANIS in a telephone interview today that it is regrettable that human life was lost in such a manner no matter how serious the crime one commits.


Ms Chibwesha called on the Zambia Police to quickly investigate the mob justice attack and apprehend the people behind it so that they face the law.


She said it is important that people remember the Constitution of Zambia’s which guarantees everyone the right to life and the presumption of innocence in the event of being suspected of having committed an offense.


Ms Chibwesha also said the public is advised not to take the law in their hands through mob justice as it is against the law.


She appealed to people to instead allow the police to do their duty whenever someone is suspected of wrong-doing.


Ms Chibwesha appealed to the Zambia police to enforce the law against the perpetrators of violence without fear or favour.


A Chibolya woman was recently brutally murdered by a mob justice on suspicion that she was practicing witchcraft.