FODEP questions ZESCO boss dismissal

Cyprian Chitundu
Cyprian Chitundu

The dismissal of ZESCO Managing Director Cyprian Chitundu before the ushering in of a new ZESCO board has been described as an act of poor corporate governance.

Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) Executive Director says it does not make logical sense for government to relieve the power utility company’s Managing Director before a new board has been constituted.

FODEP Executive Director MacDonald Chipenzi has told Qfm News that the right thing that should happen is for government to reverse the dismissal and leave the decision of firing Mr. Chitundu to the new board that will be constituted.


Mr. Chipenzi states that FODEP is of the view that if Zambia is to develop, such poor corporate governance and politicizing of parastatals being exhibited under the Patriotic Front government must come to an end.

Mr Chipenzi says parastatals must be left to operate independently if they are to meet the expectation of the people in the country.