Dora Siliya’s campaign against child molestation

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

Dora Siliya
February 16 at 1:59am ·
Hello my Friends
Valentines has come and gone. I am sure you all made your loved ones feel special especially me when I say family is all you have.
You will recall that a few weeks ago I gave you some statistics on the high rate of child molestation reported at UTH. A Doctor friend of mine in Paediatrics says children as young as 6 months come in for the same and mostly they are molested by a family member. He also told me that his figures of about 2 to 4 cases a day are only for UTH cases reported though the police. Clearly there are many more that go through other clinics and hospitals in lusaka and elsewhere and those that are not even reported.
Now that elections are over I wish to once again commit myself to a campaign programme to raise awareness on this stain on our society. Yes you could ask why have I not had interest in this matter before especially when I was in Parliament. I have always had interest in children’s issues but maybe I did not have sufficient knowledge and space then to be actively involved. It’s better now than never.
I believe every one has to worry when a child especially a girl child cannot feel safe at home. And just because it’s not your child today it does not mean it won’t be tomorrow. I do not have female children among whom this scourge is most prevalent. However I have enough nieces and nephews to be concerned. I am just like any parent after all.
We all need to work together and campaign against any child molestation. But beyond that we need to influence necessary legislation to prevent such perverse behaviour and punish culprits in a manner that recognises the sensitivities of the victims and their families and makes available to them any health and social care required.
I look forward to hearing some of your ideas on the campaign against child molestation.
These are my thoughts today….