Wife broadcasts marital issues on Whatsapp, Facebook wrecks marriage

Divorce Court

A BID to impress his wife on her birthday by buying her a smart phone, has backfired on a Lusaka man who narrated he discovered that she was using the phone to chat with other men.
Nchimunya Mweemba, 24, told senior court magistrate Sarah Nyendwa that his wife Mercy Kanyama, 21, used the phone’s chat application Whatsapp and Facebook to chat with other men about their escapades.
This was in a case in which Mweemba, of Old Chawama Township was sued by his wife Kanyama of Kanyama township for marriage reconciliation. The two got married in 2009 and have one child together. Bride price was paid.
However, the two have been on separation for six months.

Mweemba said his decision to get her a phone for her birthday has had a negative impact on their marriage.
“I bought her a phone for her birthday because she is my wife and I wanted to impress her only to later discover that she was chatting with other men on Whatsapp and broadcasting our marital problems to the world on her Facebook page,” he said.
He said when he confiscated her phone; he found some conversations between his wife and other men not befitting of a married woman which included her dates with the men.
Mweemba said he took the phone to her relatives so he could show them the messages she had been exchanging with other men. However, after showing the messages to her relatives, Mweemba said Kanyama got a knife and threatened to kill herself out of embarrassment.

He said the other problem in their marriage is that Kanyama was moody and was also in the habit of packing her belongings each time they argued about something.
“This is the third time she had decided to pack and go back to her parents’ home without cause. It’s exhausting chase after her. But I still love her and want her back,” he said.
But in her statement, Kanyama told the court that Mweemba was the cause of the problems in their marriage as he was in the habit of spending nights away from their matrimonial home.
“Staying at my mother-in-law’s home has not helped matters with us because she interferes in our marriage. When I left home in September last year, she refused to accept me back into their home telling my parents I am extremely lazy and thus she could no longer tolerate my laziness,” she said.
She said even when Mweemba tried to reconcile in January, her mother-in-law refused to allow her spend a night with him (Mweemba) under her roof.
“I love my husband very much and he knows it. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want our marriage to work,” she said.
Passing judgment, the court after counselling the couple upheld the claim and reconciled the couple. Mweemba was given one week in which to find a house so he can get his wife and child instead of living at his mother’s house.


Zambia Daily Mail