Poor DDCC attendance disappoints DC

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Poor DDCC attendance disappoints DC
Mwinilunga, February 13, 2015, ZANIS…Mwinilunga district

Commissioner Irene Mate has expressed disappointment over the shunning
of the District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meetings by
some civil servants and other stakeholders.

Mrs Mate said civil servants and other stakeholders to the DDCC meetings must
take them seriously as they were important for  the social and
economic development of district.

She was speaking in Mwinilunga district today during a failed DDCC meeting.

Mrs Mate said government will not hesitate  to transfer people from the
district perceived to be frustrating its efforts of bringing
meaningful development to the people.

The DC said she wants to leave Mwinilunga district
a better place than she found it  adding that this could only happen
when civil servants and  other stakeholders engaged to spearhead
development in the area support her office with concerted efforts.

Mrs Mate took to task officers from the District Council which is the
secretariat to the DDCC for also attributing to the failure of the
meeting as they did not present minutes of the previous meeting as
required of them.

The district was today scheduled to hold its first quarter DDCC
meeting but failed due to poor attendance and lack of preparedness by
the secretariat.