YWCA welcomes female Cabinet appointments

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The Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) says the appointment of more women into Cabinet by President Edgar Lungu is a huge step towards full-filling  the Southern African Development Community (SADC)  Protocol on Gender.


YWCA National president Lucy Masiye-Lungu said the appointment of more women in Cabinet and in other key positions of decision making will accelerate the attainment of the 50-50 SADC Protocol on Gender equality in the region.


ZANIS reports that Mrs Masiye-Lungu implored President Lungu to further consider appointing more women as Permanent Secretaries and District Commissioners.

She said the appointment of five women in Cabinet will also contribute greatly to national development.

Mrs. Masiye-Lungu was commenting on the appointment of Christabel Ng’imbu as Lands Minister and Emerine Kabanshi as Community Development, Mother and Child Heath Minister.


The rest are Margaret Mwanakatwe as Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister, Professor Nkandu Luo for Gender and Child Development and Jean Kapata as Tourism and Arts Minister.


President Lungu also appointed Inonge Wina as first female Republican Vice President and outgoing Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) chairperson, Justice Ireen Mambilima as Chief Justice.


“ The appointment of five females as Cabinet Ministers and other senior government officials is a right step towards the attainment of SADC Protocol on Gender of 50-50”, she said.


She observed that President Lungu has shown great leadership qualities for identifying women as partners in national development.


“The Head of State has shown great consideration for realizing that women can also directly contribute to national development through serving in different capacities”, she added.


Mrs. Masiye-Lungu is hopeful that more women will be appointed to serve in various key decision making positions based on their capabilities.


She urged the womenfolk in the country to rise to the occasion by making themselves available to serve in other capacities.