Fish Farmers funded by CEEC to offload second fish harvest

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————— 35 farmers who were allocated K3.3 million for the fish farming project under the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) will be offload their second yield of fish this month.


Rufunsa District Commissioner, Paul Kasongo, stated that the fish farming project which started late last year in August will be having the second harvest in a fortnight.


Mr. Kasongo said the initial funding from the CEEC was used to construct 70 fish ponds in the district.


He disclosed that the farmers harvested fish from 65 ponds last year while the next harvest will be done from the remaining five.


Mr. Kasongo however said he is still organising the market for the farmers with chain stores who normally buy in bulk.


And one of the beneficiaries, Felix Mwansa, has expressed happiness with the project and has pledged to pay back the CEEC loan in time after sales.


Meanwhile, the Rufunsa District Commissioner disclosed that construction of the power substation and installation of power lines from Ibex Hill substation to Rufunsa via Luangwa is expected to be completed within six months.


Mr. Kasongo explained that ZESCO has engaged two contractors who are already on the site to work on the project.


Mr. Kasongo confirmed that Chief Shikabeta’s Chiefdom and other surrounding areas will be connected to the national grid.