Married or not, I still want you, message found on wife’s phone

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

“WHETHER you are married or not I still love you and want you,” is a message a man found on his wife’s phone from her alleged lover.
Geoffrey Chibwe 41 of Kamwala township, Lusaka, told the Boma Local Court in that after he found this message on his wife’s (Sylvia Nachula) phone, he sent the message to his number to use it as exhibit in court.
This was heard before justices Abishine Michelo and Linda Tembo in a case where Chibwe took 33-year-old Christopher Daka to court for compensation for adultery.
Chibwe said he rang the number and Daka answered, and when asked why he sent that message to Nachula, the defendant said it was a mistake.
Chibwe said he warned Daka not to associate with Nachula as she was his wife.
He told the court that from 2009, he noticed Nachula’s behaviour became suspicious like coming home late and being disrespectful towards him.
“One day, I got home and found Nachula who told me she was happy to have aborted my child. And In 2012, when I had no job, Nachula told me that her family does not want her to live with a man who could not provide for her and so she stayed with her parents,” he said.

Chibwe also said because of Nachula’s promiscuity, her sister told him to go to a certain house around 08:00 hours where he would find Nachula. When Chibwe got there, he found Nachula sweeping outside Daka’s house.
“Daka then came out wearing slippers I had bought for Nachula. I asked him what he was doing with her and yet I had told him earlier that she is my wife. While we were talking, Nachula got a broom and scratched me. I got a stick and started beating them both,” he said.
Chibwe said during the scuffle, he confiscated Nachula’s purse which contained a passport-size photo of Daka and his parents and Daka’s phone whose screen saver had a picture of Nachula and the words ‘Nachula babe’.
He said he also seized Daka’s wallet which had Nachula’s photo.
Chibwe said he then took them to the police where he was advised to sue Daka.
And in his defence, Daka said he only knew Nachula as his supplier of clothes.
Daka said one morning he was sweeping his house when Chibwe stormed in with two men and began beating him accusing him of having an affair with Nachula.
He said Nachula also walked in and she and Chibwe began fighting.
“The two men who came with Chibwe grabbed me and together we all went to the police station where Chibwe accused me of having an affair with Nachula,” he said.
And judgment in the matter was deferred to February 10, 2015.


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  1. This woman told the man she was married and that was his reply. How does this woman now become shameless? Think before u answer.

  2. The first question cud hav been z it in the inbox or outbox. If its in the inbox yeah the man shud know that mkaziyo aliponso ena amamufuna. But if the message z in the outbox, then there z a serious problem. Women mukundichitisa manyazi. Tinakhala bwanji kodi? Why r we condeming the woman b4 kuona situation? Aaaaaaa

  3. Wina azacucha. And why keep & maintain such a message on your phone? Ale londola tumfwe.