Islamic Council asks Munkombwe to retire from ‘active politics’


The Islamic Council of Zambia has charged that there are very few older people in the country that young people would want to hang around with and learn something.

Islamic council president Suzyo Zimba says elder people in the country should refine their language and set a good example to young people.

Mr. Zimba notes that older people should guide the people citing that if they have nothing to say or do, they should retire and rest.

He explains that former southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe is one such a man who must consider going to rest and stop participating in politics another thing citing that Mr. Munkombwe is not a role model to young people.

Mr. Zimba notes that Mr. Munkombwe believes in divisions and only has his own interest and not that of the people of Zambia which should not be the case especially for a person who has had a fair share of his time in politics.

He says Mr. Munkombwe should show maturity and tame is tongue noting that he deserves the revocation of his nomination as a member of parliament.

Mr. Zimba adds that when people grow up, they should give chance to young people adding that politics is about managing national affairs and his people and not saving your own selfish desires.

He has further urged President Lungu not to appoint people that will not be servants of the people but want to serve their own interests but appoint people that will help grow the nation.


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