ZANIS SPORTS COPY — Magaba encourages Zambians to love Karate

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– Kyokushin  Karate Branch Chief of Zambia Simba Mangaba says  karate helps not only in keeping fit but instilling discipline.


Sensei Magaba says it was for this reason his association was determined to encourage members of the general public especially the young people to take up the sport.


He said karate can be used  to instill discipline especially in young people.


ZANIS sports reports that the Kyokushin Karate Branch Chief of Zambia was speaking during the official opening of the two day Japanese Ambassador’s karate tournament  at the International School of Lusaka today.


The two day tournament has four karate  styles namely kyokushin,  Shotokan, Ashihara and bentokan while the other two styles, wushu and jindokan do not have participants yet.


The annual karate competition could not be held last year due to the death of late Republican President Michael Sata who died in October.

The competition is coming to close tomorrow with the Japanese Ambassador and other senior government officials from the Ministry of sport witnessing the semifinals and finals.