N/Western civil servants warned against frustrating govt programmes

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—North-western Province Minister, Dawson Kafwaya, has warned civil servants in the region that government will not relent to take disciplinary action against anyone frustrating the implementation of its developmental programs.

Mr Kafwaya said that the civil servants’ responsibility is to interpreter, supervise and implement government policies effectively and, therefore, public workers are
expected to perform their duties diligently.

The Provincial Minister was speaking in Mwinilunga yesterday during a meeting with civil servants in the district.

Mr Kafwaya said civil servants must take it upon themselves to spearhead development in their respective districts through the
identification of viable projects and push for their implementation.

He said government is in a hurry to deliver meaningful development to people, adding that it will not tolerate any casual attitude towards work from any civil servant.

Mr Kafwaya said despite many operational challenges civil servants are faced with, non-performance should not be an excuse.

He further advised the public workers to desist from engaging themselves in active politics, saying their allegiance is to the government of the

Mr Kafwaya said those who want to involve themselves in active politic must first resign from the public service.