Govt prodded to solve council finances

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Govt prodded to solve council finances

Lusaka February 6, 2015,ZANIS—The Zambia United Local Authorities Workers Unions (ZULAWU) has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to finding a lasting solution to the financial problems facing local councils.


In a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today ZULAWU President Misheck Nyambose appealed to government to find a permanent solution to the financial difficulties affecting the council.


Mr. Nyambose said councils have for a long time faced financial woes after some of the revenue collection departments were withdrawn from them by government.


He said this resulted in persistent challenges such as failure by the local authorities to pay salaries to workers, collection of garbage, provision of adequate water and sanitation among others.


Mr. Nyambose has however commended government for recently releasing funds towards the payment of salaries and salary arrears in district councils.


He called on government to also deal with people who have been interfering with the collection of council taxes such as rates, market and bus station levies.


Mr. Nyambose has further called on government to ensure that the system of paying council workers through government payroll be effected immediately.

He said his organization supports the idea of creating a centralised salary system because it will not easily be manipulated by council managements and will guarantee salaries to workers.